intro of internet and releted subjects...

A computer is a machine that manipulates data according to a set of instructions.

The Web is like a huge encyclopedia of information . The volume of information you'll find on the Web is amazing. For every topic that you've ever wondered about, there's bound to be someone who's written a Web page about it. The Web offers many different perspectives on a single topic.
In fact you can even find online encyclopedias. Many of these are now offering a subscription service which lets you search through the complete text of the encyclopedia. There are also many free ecyclopedias that may give you a cut-down version of what you would find in a complete encyc

To correspond with faraway friends
Email offers a cheap and easy alternative to traditional methods of correspondence. It's faster and easier than writing snail mail and cheaper than using the telephone. Of course, there are disadvantages too. It's not as personal as a handwritten letter - and not as reliable either. If you spell the name of the street wrong in a conventional address, it's not too difficult for the post office to work out what you mean. However if you spell anything wrong in an email address, your mail won't be delivered (you might get it sent back to you or you might never realise).


The idea of a Web service developed from the evolution of the Internet. The intent behind a Web service is to drive the Internet as a transactional tool rather than simply a visual tool

Friday, July 16, 2010

hello frnds...

hi my dear frnds..
this is my fev hero nd i think most of young people r like him....

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